France: Nearly 200 church sex abuse victims get pledges of compensation

Source: SFGate

“About 190 victims of child sexual abuse by priests or other church representatives have been promised financial compensation so far from France’s Catholic Church under a sweeping reparations program, the independent body in charge of the process said Thursday. A report from the Independent National Authority for Recognition and Reparation, or INIRR, said 11 other people received other types of reparations. Hundreds of other cases are still awaiting review. More than 1,180 victims of priests or other church representatives have come forward to claim compensation since the body was established, Marie Derain de Vaucresson, head of the INIRR, said during a news conference. She said 32% were women and 68% men. Among them, 404 are now receiving support from the INIRR, while most are waiting for their cases to be examined. Derain de Vaucresson said 80% of the sums granted so far are above 20,000 euros ($21,128), including 40 people who received the maximum amount, set at 60,000 euros ($63,386).” (03/09/23)