We knew there was a reason leaders [sic] hid [sic] the January 6 tapes

Source: Fox News Forum
by Tucker Carlson

“One of the hallmarks of people who are telling the truth, in case you were wondering how to tell the difference, is that people who are telling the truth are calm. You don’t wave their hands around and make wild accusations. They don’t need to do that. It’s enough to say what they know and if honest people turn out to be wrong about something they have claimed, they’ll admit it. They don’t double down on false. … Liars behave differently. Liars are touchy, sometimes to the point of hysteria. They’re hiding something. That’s the whole point of lying and they’re worried you’re going to find out what it is. Liars are fragile because over time, lying makes you weak and afraid and has the same effect on countries by the way. We’re living through one of those clarifying moments.” [editor’s note: Unfortunately for Carlson, the “clarification” comes largely at his expense – TLK] (03/09/23)