OR: Portland business owner shoots intruder who broke into warehouse

Source: Fox 12 Oregon

“Jim, a business owner on NE Columbia Boulevard, came into work like any other day around 5:30 a.m., just 30 minutes before his employees were scheduled to show up. Jim found an intruder in his upstairs office and followed him to the back of his warehouse, but instead of leaving the property, Jim says the intruders’ demeanor became aggressive. ‘It went right through my brain that he is ready to attack me, stop me,’ says Jim. ‘When he picked up the bolt cutter and raised it and he was starting to come at me.’ … He told the intruder multiple times to get on the ground but he says, the intruder refused to back down. ‘The whole thing happened so fast I finally had to shoot,’ says Jim.” (03/08/23)