Tucker’s January 6 Video Bombshell Explodes — in His Face

Source: The Nation
by Joan Walsh

“Things couldn’t be going better for Tucker Carlson — if by ‘better’ you mean the universe unfolding to reveal his contempt for his audience and his personal and professional corruption. His hyped remix of violent January 6 insurrection footage, aired Monday night, came off like a TikTok for angry boomers, but without any dogs or funny music. … Will some portion of Fox viewers finally get that they’re being conned for profit, and change the channel? Will more advertisers walk away? Will allegedly truth-telling board members like former House speaker Paul Ryan step in to reprimand the wrongdoers and right the ship? I have no idea. It does seem clear that Carlson is increasingly making a joke of himself — even inside his own network.” (03/08/23)