Coming to Terms with “The Jesus Revolution”

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Jerod Hollyfield

“As the latest Oscar season draws to a close, it is not the millions that studios spent on campaigns for awards glory that have come to define our current cinematic moment, but two stories about films not even in the race. Fresh from an Oscar snub last February, actress Danielle Deadwyler decried the lack of awards attention for her role as Emmett Till’s mother stating, ‘We’re talking about people who perhaps chose not to see the film — we’re talking about misogynoir.’ Two weeks later, ‘The Jesus Revolution,’ a period drama detailing the 60s Christian counterculture movement, opened to $15.5 million — far surpassing financial projections and grossing $5 million more in its first two days of release than Deadwyler’s Till has in its entire four-month theatrical run.” (03/08/23)