The Vibes Are Off With the Republican Party

Source: Politico
by Danielle Lee Tomson

“The chatter at the only decent CPAC afterparty? How lame this year’s CPAC really was. Steve Bannon was the host of the invite-only party held Saturday night at an overcrowded pub in National Harbor. Bannon, who dubbed the party the first annual ‘Warrior’s Ball,’ insisted that despite the lackluster conference, the GOP and its right flank were still strong — and pointed to his two special guests in the room as proof: ‘Look at what our movement is made of. Kari Lake and James O’Keefe! Is there any political movement in this country as strong as this, with warriors like this?’ Warriors like a failed gubernatorial candidate who won’t admit she lost and a media provocateur who was effectively ousted by his own board?” (03/07/23)