Antifa should be labeled what it is: a hate group

Source: New York Post
by staff

“In June 2020, the Southern Poverty Law Center posted an article entitled, ‘Designating Antifa as domestic terrorist organization is dangerous, threatens civil liberties.’ The organization that supposedly tracks extremism in America dismissed the idea that Antifa was a threat to anyone. The ‘anti-fascists’ are ‘broad, community-based’ and ‘represent a large spectrum of the political left.’. ‘Individuals loosely affiliated with Antifa are typically involved in skirmishes and property crimes at demonstrations across the country,’ the article hand waves, ‘but the threat of lethal violence pales in comparison to that posed by far-right extremists.’ Will the SPLC change its tune now that 23 members of Antifa were arrested as domestic terrorists for violently attacking a police facility outside Atlanta? Or note the fact that one of SPLC’s own lawyers, Thomas Webb Jurgens, 28, is among the arrested?” [editor’s note: Is attacking a terrorist group’s lair a hate crime? – TLK] (03/07/23)