No, Australia Does Not Actually Need To Prepare For War With China

Source: Caitlin Johnstone, Rogue Journalist
by Caitlin Johnstone

“In the latest instance of the Australian media’s deluge of propaganda geared toward manufacturing consent for war with China, Nine Entertainment-owned newspapers The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have brought together a panel of ‘experts’ to assess how well-prepared Australia is for a hot war with its primary trading partner. The question of if that war is necessary or should be prepared for is left completely unexamined. In a report titled ‘Australia faces the threat of war with China within three years – and we’re not ready,’ we learn the names of the five ‘experts’ SMH and The Age have recruited to make the titular claim, and you’re never going to believe this but it turns out they tend to work in professions that are intimately intertwined with the western imperial war machine.” (03/07/23)