Worried About President Trump Part 2? Fear the Electoral College

Source: Common Dreams
by Paul Goldman & Mark J. Rozell

“A simplistic 18th century math formula, not the latest complex Big Tech algorithm, is the greatest growing threat to our democracy. This formula got scratched out using a quill pen in 1787. Then it was used in 1789 to elect George Washington as our first president. This enduring presidential algo is found in Article II, Section I, of the U.S. Constitution. The term ‘Electoral College’ doesn’t appear there. But the basic math does. Each state has two senators. This equals two electoral votes, regardless of population. In addition, a state gets representatives in Congress based on population.” [editor’s note: yet another pair of pundits who think “democracy should rule,” and four cities (NY, SF, LA, Chicago) should forever guarantee a Democrat sitting on the throne – SAT] (03/07/23)