The American Rescue Plan’s Hidden Triumphs

Source: The American Prospect
by David Dayen

“Because of the unlikely prospects for legislative progress between now and 2025, pundits are closing the books on Joe Biden’s first-term legacy, which in most accounts begins and ends with three bills: the bipartisan infrastructure law, the CHIPS and Science Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act. This narrative has a nice symmetry to it, establishing Biden as the restorer of industrial policy, preoccupied with reshoring U.S. manufacturing and improving underlying infrastructure. Even unrelated goals like climate pollution reduction are leashed to this domestic jobs imperative. … But over the last week, we’ve seen two unlikely victories for the administration and the public that can be directly traced back to the ARP, proving it to be an underrated piece of legislation that not only changed the government’s blueprint for how to manage a crisis, but altered several unrelated crises in America for good.” (03/07/23)