The US Government’s War On TikTok is Idiotic, But There Are Up Sides

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“Within minutes of a general TikTok ban, every American Gen Zer — or at least every American Gen Zer who hadn’t already figured this stuff out for purposes of bypassing copyright to download obscure Japanese anime videos — would become a budding expert in ‘side-loading’ apps onto smart phones, using Virtual Private Networks to go boldly where everyone went before the politicians said they couldn’t anymore, and just generally waving his, her, their or xir middle finger in Biden and Company’s faces. A secondary consequence would be app developers increasingly catering to a growing user base interested in avoiding ‘walled gardens’ like Google Play and the Apple App Store,  both because they’re vulnerable to stupid government censorship tricks like a TikTok ban, and because they’re inclined toward limiting developer/user relationships for their own reasons, even when not forced to do so by politicians.” (03/07/23)