DeSantis “anti-corporatism” is first rate projection for America’s premier pay-to-play politician

Source: Florida Squeeze
by Kartik Krishnaiyer

“DeSantis loves to play progressive-populist and it’s fooled a lot of Floridians. And heck, people who read this site may not believe it, but it’s actually fooled some bonafide progressive I know who voted for Bernie Sanders. … Yes Trump, was a purveyor of corporatism who had numerous cronies from his years in shady businesses, but DeSantis not so strangely, has most of the GOP donor-class, those who benefit the most from crony-capitalism and protectionism in government behind him. They’ve turned on Trump, not because he offends them or even because he’s ‘unelectable’ as is theorized, but because in Ron DeSantis, you have the single biggest pay-to-play politician in the US today.” (03/07/23)