The Myth of Rural “Assistance”

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Paul Schwennesen

“As the old country proverb goes, ‘if it’s happened once, it’s damned-shor’ gonna happen again.’ Robert Wright’s forthcoming book, New Deals Exposed: How the Miseries of the Great Depression are Being Repeated Today, makes the convincing case that the sort of good-intentioned lunacy which marked New Deal policy failures is happening all over again …. In the 1930s, under the auspices of the Rural Electrification Administration, the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration spent great gobs of other peoples’ money on the noble-sounding goal of bringing ‘the modern service of electric power to the farm families in the backcountry.’ Largely forgotten now is the fact that many farmers didn’t need the new-fangled stuff, or already had clever workarounds in place, or were well on their way to getting electricity provided before the government ‘aided’ them.” (03/06/23)