Several GOP-ruled states stop pretending to care about “election integrity”

Source: ABC News

“Election officials in Florida, Missouri and West Virginia said Monday they are withdrawing from a bipartisan, multistate effort aimed at ensuring the accuracy of voter rolls that has found itself in the crosshairs of conspiracy theories fueled by Donald Trump’s false claims about the 2020 presidential election. The system to thwart voter fraud known as the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, has become a target of suspicion among some Republicans after a series of online posts early last year questioning its funding and purpose. Louisiana withdrew last year and Alabama is in the process of doing so. Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft said Monday that he had been pushing the group to address concerns by him and others.” [editor’s note: What, was ERIC too lax about putting up sufficient YOU MUST BE THIS PALE TO REGISTER signage? – TLK] (03/06/23)