Why Democrats are dreading a full Jan 6 reveal

Source: New York Post
by Miranda Devine

“Democrats have been running around like decapitated chickens ever since news broke that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has given Tucker Carlson unfettered access to surveillance footage from inside the Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, riot by supporters of President Donald Trump. The Fox News host will air five stories culled from the footage Monday and Tuesday nights, countering the overblown ‘insurrection’ narrative the Democrats and their media toadies have been pushing since Day One. The characterization of conservative Republicans as an ‘ultra-MAGA semi-fascist’ menace to democracy was pushed by the partisan J6 committee and was the Democrats’ main sales pitch at the midterms last year. Dems don’t have much else to run on in 2024, so Carlson’s fact-finding mission is an existential threat to their electoral prospects.” (03/06/23)