SCOTUS declines to hear appeal of Florida church-state separation case

Source: CNBC

“The Supreme Court handed a group of atheists a win on Monday when it declined to take a case seeking to block their lawsuit over a 2014 prayer vigil arranged by the city of Ocala, Fla., to mourn victims of drive-by shootings that injured several children. But the victory might be relatively short-lived. The decision clears the way for a federal judge to rule on whether a 2018 decision that found Ocala violated the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment in arranging the vigil should be tossed out. In an unrelated case last summer, the Supreme Court’s ruled in favor of a public high school football coach who prayed after games, which attorneys say indicates a potential win for the city.” [editor’s note: “A coach prayed on a government football field” seems materially different from “a government set up a specifically religious event” – TLK] (03/06/23)