The Better and Worse Angels of Jimmy Carter’s Nature

Source: exile in happy valley
by Nicky Reid

“As surreal as it may seem, at least for the past forty years, that soft-spoken peanut farmer appears to have led the life of a halfway decent human being. While the Clintons would perform at a supper club for the Khmer Rouge if the price was right, Jimmy has spent the lion’s share of his long retirement from power building houses for the Dollar Tree class and literally eradicating diseases in countries that Anderson Cooper couldn’t even pronounce right with a goddamn Speak-and-Spell. … I’m hard set to admit it but that motherfucker was a good ex-president. … Jimmy Carter does have a dark side, a downright hideous dark side in fact and that dark side is the 39th presidency of these United States of Babylon.” (03/05/23)