Attacking the Cartels Will Achieve Nothing

Source: Eunomia
by Daniel Larison

“The worst thing that the U.S. could do is to further militarize an already failed drug war. [Bill] Barr presents this as a way to combat the drug problem ‘decisively,’ but it would decide nothing. At best, it would create a new theater of the drone war in which the military plays whack-a-mole using Hellfire missiles. The civilian population in the targeted areas would then live in fear of being caught in one of the blasts, and more than a few innocent people would end up as victims. Because military options would do nothing to address the causes behind the drug trade, they would succeed only in creating temporary disruptions in the operations of the cartels. The last thing that the president needs is another authorization to wage open-ended war in another part of the world on some new pretext.” (03/05/23)