Israel: Troops revolt against regime’s judicial plans

Source: Haaretz [Israel]

“The overwhelming majority of reserve pilots in an elite air force unit have notified their commanding officers in the Israeli Air Force on Sunday that they will not be participating in training or reserve duty so long as the government continues its judicial overhaul plans. Air Force Squadron 69 is one of the air forces’ leading units, operating advanced F-15 Thunderbird aircraft that serve as the army’s long-range attack arm. … Reserve soldiers, and former members of the security establishment in particular, continue to take an active part in leading the protests. … Around 150 Israeli army reservists who serve as cyber specialists announced Friday that they will stop reporting for duty if the judicial overhaul led by Netanyahu’s far-right government is advanced. … On Wednesday, IDF reserve officers and soldiers’ group against the judiciary overhaul blocked the main road to Jerusalem in the early hours of Wednesday.” (03/05/23)