FL: Eight-year-old wins cheer competition, performing solo after team no-shows

Source: Fox News

“An 8-year-old Florida girl performed at a cheer competition alone when her team did not show up and won first place. ‘I was scared about everything, and I was very nervous,’ Peyton Thorsby said. Peyton performed the routine alone in front of a crowd of a few hundred people at the Showcase of Championships cheer competition at the Florida State Fairgrounds. ‘Nobody had come for whatever reasons they had had, and it ended up just being her that had shown up so her coach, Nikki, said, ‘looks like we might have to forfeit,” mom Nichole Thorsby told FOX 13. Despite her team being absent, Peyton did not want to let them down. … She ended up with the first-place trophy, beating out two other teams.” (03/05/23)