The time has come for a 9/11-like commission on COVID-19

Source: The Hill
by Joe Concha

“Political hearings and commissions come and go in Washington, D.C. And in almost every case in the 21st century, hearings have been weaponized for political gain while largely consisting of rehearsed made-for-cable-news zingers that ultimately amount to sound and fury signifying nothing. The 9/11 Commission was an exception, however. Created in 2002 one year after the terrorist attacks, it was bipartisan and had a vested interest not to make one party or the other look bad. Its objective was to learn how the attacks happened and to prevent another massive terror attack from occurring on U.S. soil again.” [editor’s note: The 9/11 Commission’s objective was to absolve the American political class of any responsibility whatsoever for its actions and justify giving it new authority for even broader actions; a COVID-19 commission would have the same objectives – TLK] (03/05/23)