Pakistan: Police fail in bid to arrest Khan

Source: Deutsche Welle [German state media]

“Police in Pakistan turned up at former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s home in Lahore on Sunday armed with an arrest warrant, only to find that the former leader was apparently not available, officials said. ‘A team of Islamabad police has arrived in Lahore to arrest Imran Khan to comply with the court orders,’ police said in a tweet. ‘Imran Khan is reluctant to surrender — the superintendent of police had gone into the room but Imran Khan was not present there,’ the tweet added. The English-language Pakistani newspaper Dawn said Khan was addressing his party workers at the residence as the police arrived. … Khan, who was forced out of office in a no-confidence vote last year, is the subject of an arrest warrant for having failed to appear before a court on February 28 on corruption charges.” (03/05/23)