Ron DeSantis’s Struggle

Source: The Nation
by Chris Lehmann

“For someone who loudly announces his principled devotion to the American civic and constitutional order, Ron DeSantis spends a lot of time feeling besieged by it. In his new campaign memoir, The Courage to Be Free, the Florida Republican governor offers a rolling litany of cultural and ideological persecution, which he seems to experience anew with each passing breath. The grim saga starts with his young adulthood as a Yale undergraduate and carries right on through to his authoritarian tour in the governor’s mansion. … Like any right-wing confessional, DeSantis’s is a relentless study in scapegoating. At virtually every ‘inflection point’ in his public career, the same underlying refrain emerges: I was driven to adopt harsh and draconian measures because the left made me do it.” (03/03/23)