House GOP say they want to secure the border, so why are they blocking this bill?

Source: Fox News
by Lou Di Leonardo

“Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has repeatedly told Congress that the ‘border is secure,’ and the White House continues to insist that this is true. However, facts on the ground demonstrate otherwise. It is difficult for many Americans to accept President Biden’s refusal to take straightforward and simple steps to stop illegal [sic] immigration, and the reality of the unprecedented and ongoing border crisis [sic] is painfully evident. Almost 2.4 million illegal [sic] migrants were [abducted] at the U.S. border with Mexico in fiscal year 2022. This is a historic high that doubled the previous record number of [abductions] from 2021. Apologists for the Biden administration have argued that the unprecedented number of ‘encounters,’ as they call them, at the border indicate a get-tough approach to illegal [sic] immigration coupled with a compassion for asylum seekers.” (03/03/23)