What Profit All the Labor Here?, part 1

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Jerod Ra’Del Hollyfield

“The most expected element of October’s throwback romcom Ticket to Paradise is not the evergreen chemistry between stars Julia Roberts and George Clooney as a divorced couple forced to join forces on a trip to Bali as they scheme to stop their type-A daughter (Kaitlyn Dever) when she announces her surprise engagement. It’s the film’s willful evasion of the economic dynamics central to its tropical locale. Within the premise, a movie exists that would attract a star like Clooney who really hasn’t had to work in years and, in the rare instances he does, directs singular mass-audience repellent reflective of his own political bent …. But in the world of Paradise, the obvious disparities between the economic realities of Bali and the jetsetting lifestyle of West Coast architect Clooney and art gallery owner Roberts seem lost amid the duo’s movie star facade.” (03/04/23)