Peasant Wages for Lordly Feats

Source: In These Times
by Emily Janakiram

“Outside the Medieval Times castle in Buena Park, Calif., a sudden Monty Python-like spectacle emerges — twoscore knights, queens, squires and trumpeters, all marching on the boss to demand a fair contract. The protest is part of an indefinite unfair labor practice strike that comes after three months of stalled negotiations between newly unionized workers and Medieval Times management. … ‘I absolutely love my job, and the people that I work with,’ says Jake Bowman, a knight speaking from the picket line in California. But Bowman makes just $18.50 an hour in one of the highest cost-of-living regions in the country, a wage he says is almost impossible to live on. ‘One of our knights is sleeping in his car right now,’ Bowman adds.” (03/0323)