The Criminal Band

Source: J.L. Cells
by James Leroy Wilson

“Murray Rothbard (March 2, 1926- January 7, 1995) was born 97 years ago today. In the late 20th century, the economics professor was the leading intellectual in the libertarian movement and its most prolific scholar. He co-founded the prominent think tank Cato Insitute and later the Mises Institute. His legacy as a political strategist and coalition-builder in the libertarian movement remains controversial. He cheered the Black Panthers, opposed the Vietnam War, and reached out to the far left in the 1960s. Later, he reached out to the far right. Mainstream critics accused him of supporting communists and also of racism. When all sides condemn you, that could mean you’re right. Or very wrong. Regardless, my appreciation of Rothbard is in his role as a monetary theorist, historian, and polemicist.” (03/02/23)