Immigration Controls Come with Death

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“Not surprisingly, immigration-control advocates are coming fiercely to the defense of George Allan Kelly, the 74-year-old Arizona man who is charged with murdering a Mexican citizen who illegally crossed the border into the United States and trespassed on Kelly’s ranch. … There is an important point to make about all this, something that immigration-control advocates are loath to confront: It is their system of immigration controls that is the root cause of Cuen-Butimea’s death as well as Kelly’s legal difficulties. … Under a system of open borders — genuine open borders — Cuen-Butimea would have been free to cross into the United States. Thus, he would have crossed at the regular crossing points. There would have been no reason to be trespassing on Kelly’s ranch.” (03/02/23)