Fauci Wanted Universal Human Separation Forever

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Jeffrey A Tucker

“While millions were locked down, forbidden from going to events or even church, and the schools and arts were shut down, people kept asking a fundamental question: why is this happening, what is government doing, and what is the exit strategy? There were a number of possibilities. Maybe it was to preserve hospital capacity and yet at that very time hospitals were furloughing nurses and parking lots were empty …. Maybe it was to buy time so that personal protective equipment and ventilators could be stockpiled and yet we later found that the ventilators killed many unnecessarily while stockpiles later sold for pennies on the dollar. Or maybe it was to wait for a vaccine. … Fauci … [was] calling for a full reconstruction of the social order to keep people apart forever so that we don’t infect each other with anything.” (03/02/23)