We Need “Democracy For All” to Vanquish Dark Money Flood [sic]

Source: Common Dreams
by F Douglas Stephenson

“In the United States government has been privatized by the Citizens United ruling of the SCOTUS. Government is now really up for sale and auctioned off to the highest campaign contributors. The Supreme Court ‘Citizen’s United’ decision opened the floodgates for big money in our politics, allowing giant corporations and a handful of the wealthiest families to spend obscene amounts of money in our elections. Citizens United is just one of a line of terrible Supreme Court decisions holding that money equals speech and corporations are people under the First Amendment — thereby allowing huge corporations and the super wealthy/oligarchs to buy undue access to members of Congress, and to effectively dictate legislative outcomes. … Our society is run by a class-conscious 1% business community dedicated to reducing the political and economic power of the 99%.” (03/02/23)