Questioning Biden’s Ukraine Policy Doesn’t Make You An “Isolationist”

Source: The Federalist
by David Harsanyi

“It’s not exactly a sign of a healthy democratic discourse that it’s virtually impossible to ask a critical question about the United States’ role in the Ukraine-Russia conflict without being smeared as a Putin apologist or an ‘isolationist.’ We’ve been bombarded with bromides about a civilizational struggle that pits the forces of autocracy and liberalism against each other. ‘It’s not just about freedom in Ukraine,’ Biden tells us. ‘It’s about freedom of democracy at large.’ Yet Ukraine — which, before the war, regularly slotted in somewhere beneath Burma, Mexico, and Hungary on those silly ‘democracy matrices’ left-wingers used to love — isn’t any kind of liberal democracy. Maybe one day it will be. Today Ukraine still shutters churches and restricts the free press. Maybe you believe those are justifiable actions during wartime, but under no definition are they liberal.” (03/01/23)