Mexico: Army confirms soldiers murdered five civilians in border city, sparking clash between soldiers and residents

Source: CBS News

“Mexico’s Defense Department confirmed Tuesday that soldiers opened fire on a pickup truck in the violent northern border city of Nuevo Laredo over the weekend, killing five men and wounding a sixth. The shooting ignited a clash Sunday between the soldiers and residents who came to the scene to protest. … The department said in a statement that …. soldiers heard gunshots, and approached a pickup with no license plates and no lights in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday. ‘Upon see the army troops, they (the occupants) accelerated in a brusque and evasive way,’ according to the statement. The soldiers said the speeding pickup then crashed into a parked vehicle. Soldiers said that when the heard the crash, they opened fire. … According to a state crime scene report obtained Monday by The Associated Press, the soldiers said the pickup truck failed to obey their orders to stop.” (03/01/23)