When Politicians Cry “Accountability,” Ask “Accountability to Whom?”

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“Senator Warren just loves her some ‘accountability.’ In 2018, she proposed the “Accountable Capitalism Act.” In 2019, the ‘Corporate Executive Accountability Act.’ In 2020, according to Forbes, she demanded ‘Accountability From 181 CEOs.’ A Google search on her name and the word ‘accountability’ returns 668,000 results. The relevant question when Senator Warren brings up ‘accountability’ is, of course, ‘accountability to whom?’ And the feeling one gets, regardless of her claims to be acting on behalf of workers, consumers, or corporate shareholders, is that it’s really all about accountability to … drum roll please … US Senator Elizabeth Warren. … She means to rule. She thinks she’s ENTITLED to rule. And the peasants (a group she places even Jeff Bezos, at the moment the second wealthiest man in the world, in!)? Our job is to keep our smart-aleck mouths shut and do as we’re told.” (05/28/21)