Understanding Israel’s Latest Attack on Gaza — and Who Benefits

Source: Antiwar.com
by Phyllis Bennis

“‘Both sides need to de-escalate.’ ‘No one benefits from this.’ You’ll hear a lot of statements like that from pundits, elected officials, government spokespeople, and mainstream media anytime there’s violence in Israel-Palestine. In the last few days, Israeli war planes, armed drones, and artillery mounted on tanks have killed more than 119 Palestinians in the besieged and blockaded Gaza Strip. Thirty-one of them were children. Rocket fire from Gaza left eight Israelis, including one child dead. It’s easy to say no one benefits. But it’s not true. Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, has a whole lot to gain from this assault — among other things, it may keep him out of jail. More broadly, Israel’s strategic military planners have been waiting for another attack on Gaza. And for Israel’s arms manufacturers, assaulting Gaza is what the leading Israeli daily newspaper Ha’aretz has called ‘a cash cow.'” (05/22/21)